We’re on a mission to help people build a better brain 🧠

<aside> 🔥 Burnout is on the rise, with an estimated 52% of employees feeling over-stressed and fatigued, up 43% from before the COVID-19 pandemic (Indeed Study). With over 46 million working professionals in the United States alone, we’re amidst a global brain health crisis.


<aside> 💡 Oculo is using eye-tracking and data analytics to understand how and when brains work best. This isn’t a sleep app, this isn’t a brain game app, this isn’t a meditation app, this is the first brain health app built to change the way users feel and perform.


Here’s who we’re always looking for:

💻 Software Engineers (iOS and Backend)

For building out the front-end and back-end of our iOS mobile app, as well as ensuring our data pipeline is set up for us to continuously improve the models that deliver insights. The right person for this role will implement fast and clean code that’s easily understood by team members.

🎨 UI/UX Designers

For designing beautiful mobile experiences that help users understand and implement our insights into their everyday lives. The right person for this role understands how consumers read data and will build visualizations and features around that.

🧠 Data-Scientists

For running tests and experiments that become the next daily and long-term insights for our users. The right person for this role has conducted research / has worked in a research setting, but also has technical skills in AI or data science that allow implementation without oversight.

⁉️ Anything else

If you love our mission and the company culture we’re trying to foster but none of the roles listed fit your description, feel free to fill out the form anyways and email [email protected]

Open Roles 🛠️

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